Pachamama is a certified organic Bakery recommended by nutritionists. We have created a range of breads with a more balanced and healthy nutritional composition, when compared to ordinary white bread, using ingredients with a designation of origin, produced without chemicals, fertilizers or GMO (genetically modified organisms). That is where our organic certification comes from, we really care. We have developed a range of sourdough breads using traditional slow fermentation baking techniques, without any added yeast, and a range of gluten-free bread certified by the PCA.

This is the only way we can create a product that matches our mission.
All Pachamama products are available in more than two hundred shops, mostly in the Bio&Natural areas, namely at Modelo Continente, Auchan, Celeiro and organic shops, with distribution across all mainland Portugal.
We also have a store available on our website, where you can easily buy our bread online and have it delivered at your home. We want to create the healthiest and tastiest organic bread for everyone, reinforcing our respect for nature, flavour and social responsibility.


Organic, healthy, super tasty bread recommended by nutritionists. The choice of those who seek a healthy diet and conscious consumption. We believe that nature can really be a cure.

We offer a diversified response to current food needs, offering tasty solutions to those looking for, among others, bread for celiacs, gluten-free bread, low carb bread, low carb protein bread, bread for paleo diets, bread without wheat, quinoa bread, wholemeal bread, spelled bread, oat bread, sweet potato bread, seed bread, cinnamon bread and so many other innovations of bio bread and bread recommended for weight loss that we have been developing under the Pachamama Bread brand.


We bake our bread according to traditional methods and knead it with dedication and love, which we believe gives it structure, texture and a lot of taste. We want to be the choice of those who care about what they eat and how it is produced and seek a healthy diet and a healthier lifestyle.


We are sure that if we eat well we will live better. We promote the consumption of high quality bread. Inspired by Pachamama, mother earth, we adore nature and health. We focus on conscious consumption, on the impact of food choices and on the respect for nature and our planet.


Pachamama has two ranges of bread: Sourdough Bread without yeast – Whole Spelt, Spelt with Turmeric and Black Pepper and Ancestral and the “Vida e Paz” bread, that supports Comunidade Vida e Paz, a Portuguese non-profit; Gluten-free Bread certified by the PCA: Oats and Seeds, Banana and Cinnamon, Paleo Low Carb and High-protein Low Carb.


Our story begins with a gastronomic adventure, the Pachamama Restaurant. Said to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the capital.
We were at the forefront of what is now a trend: addressing conscious consumption, the impact of our food choices (and more) and the respect for our planet by embracing a healthier lifestyle in harmony with nature; with the conviction that if we eat well we will certainly live better.

A path that has driven us to search for quality products and to reinvent the use of those ingredients that lose their richness when combined with processed and refined foods containing sweeteners, colouring agents and chemicals.
Albeit being an important ingredient of the Mediterranean diet (a diversified diet that includes cereals) and one of the most beloved foods in Portugal, finding quality bread was not an easy task. And that is how we began to make our own bread.

In response to a growing market need, and faced with a huge demand for Pachamama Bread, we have dedicated ourselves entirely to the creation of a range of quality organic products and have taken on the objective of promoting its consumption in small and large stores at an affordable price, taking into account its characteristics.

Afterwards, and as a result of an extensive research work, we launched a range of gluten-free bread aimed at people with gluten intolerance, whose only option available was a bread-like product without any taste. We went further, and produced one of our best-sellers, the paleo low carb, a cereal-free bread, naturally gluten-free, very tasty and with half the calories.

We recently inaugurated a new factory, where the gluten-free range is exclusively produced in a controlled environment, where we obtained the international certification issued by APC (Associação Portuguesa de Celíacos).
We believe in our nature and we know that taste and health must go hand in hand with our bread.


We believe in what is healthy and what is natural. For us, this is why we created Pachamama and our ultimate philosophy. We know that organic life is much more than a trend.

For this, we want to demonstrate that sustainability can always be present, from the smallest details to the whole of our operation.

This is something that goes beyond the business and is reflected in the way we are. The more organic we are, the better your bread will be. And it has a direct impact on your health.