Please note that our Bread is valid for 4 days.

Orders to Lisboa: From Monday to Friday until 1pm every day. The estimated delivery time is up to 48 hours.

Orders to Mainland Portugal: Monday to Wednesday until 1pm every day. Estimated delivery time is 48 to 72 hours.

Deliveries in the Lisbon area are carried out by our own team and in mainland Portugal deliveries are carried out by DHL. Our delivery methods are prepared according to the safety and hygiene protocol already implemented throughout our network of shops, and now in our home delivery system.

NOTICE: Please be aware of possible delays in the delivery time in some postal codes due to the current pandemic situation in the country.


Delivery by DHL – Rest of the country

Once the order has been placed, the customer will receive a confirmation email with the respective invoice and the shipping number assigned to his order.

Once the order has been dispatched, the customer will receive a confirmation email with the respective invoice and DHL will send the customer the tracking number assigned to his parcel. The customer will also receive a link to track his order on the DHL’s website, as well as the options available.

DHL will send the customer two emails: the first one with the shipping number and the second one, usually on the next working day, informing that the order is for delivery. Should the customer wish to change anything regarding the delivery, the customer should select the appropriate option.

Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, with the exception of local or national holidays, to the address indicated in the order.
The customer must take into account that someone must be present at the delivery address between 9am and 6pm. An attempt will be made by the DHL courier to deliver the order to the address indicated by the customer.


It is not possible to choose a specific delivery time because the delivery routes are defined by the carrier.

The indication of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may lead to the return of the package to Pachamama, resulting in additional costs for the customer. The customer must make sure that the delivery address indicated in the order is correct and complete.

After two unsuccessful delivery attempts made by the carrier, the customer’s order will be delivered to one of the Service Points closest to the shipping address, to be picked up by the customer.

DHL – Service Point

DHL has Pickup Points to avoid the customer having to wait at home for the delivery of the order. DHL Parcel has a vast network at your disposal: from stationeries, tobacconists, service areas and much more.

Delivery times


Once the parcel has left our premises, DHL guarantees a delivery time of 2 working days.

NOTICE: Delivery times are only estimates and are therefore only considered valid when there are no physical or structural impediments (e.g. incorrect addresses or force majeure events, such as strikes, missed connections, bad weather, etc.).


All prices include VAT (where applicable) at the rate in force and are correct at the time of entering the information into the system. However, we reserve the right to change prices at any time without prior notice (unless changes affect orders for which a Shipment Confirmation has already been sent).

If there is any error in the price of the goods ordered by the Customer, the Customer will be informed as soon as possible of that fact and will have the option to keep the order at the correct price or to cancel it. If the customer chooses to cancel and has already paid for the goods (but they have not yet been dispatched) the customer will receive a full refund.

Delivery Rates

Delivery costs are automatically calculated by our system and depend on the quantity and monetary value of the order:

Free Delivery: for orders of 12€ or more.
Delivery cost of 4€: for orders of 12€ or more.

Delivery costs are automatically updated as the customer adds items to the shopping cart.

Return Policy

We reserve the right to change this Return Policy at any time.

Cancellation of Orders

The customer can only cancel his order if it has not yet been paid for, and if it is not yet being processed.


No substitution or return of our products is permitted. To exercise your right of return/complaint, you should contact our Customer Support (, specify the order number, description or reference of the product(s) and the reason for the return/complaint.

If there are grounds for returning the product, Pachamama undertakes to replace it.

If the customer chooses to receive a refund, the refund will be issued based on the payment method used at the time of purchase.

If the product being returned was purchased as part of a promotional campaign and if, for this reason, the customer benefited from some product on offer, the customer must return not only the product in question, but also the offer the customer received with his purchase.

Both products must comply with the above mentioned guidelines. The package can only be returned in full. If the customer wishes to return a product that belongs to a pack, he must return all the products that make up that pack. All products must comply with the above guidelines.

If the order was not delivered or returned due to the fault or neglect of the carrier, regardless of the payment method chosen, the customer will have to send Pachamama a written statement which will be analysed by the carrier. If the problem with the delivery was caused by an incorrect or incomplete address, the customer must attach the new delivery address to that statement.

Refund Method

In case of a justified complaint, Pachamama will replace the product at no cost to the Customer. Pachamama will make every effort to refund the customer as fast as possible, however, returns are normally processed within 7 working days of receipt of a cancelled order, and no later than 30 days of receipt.

If the payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made on the card itself and will appear on the next credit card statement.

* If the payment was made by Paypal, the refund will be credited to the respective Paypal account and will be available immediately.

** If the payment was made by ATM, the customer will be asked to provide us with the details of the account to which he wishes the refund to be transferred.

*** The above mentioned payment methods are not available for all countries. To find out what payment methods are available for your country, please read the information provided above under “Payment Methods”.

Reimbursement of delivery costs

If the order is returned for reasons attributable to Pachamama, Pachamama will refund the respective delivery costs (e.g. defective or different products from those actually ordered).

However, if in a multiple product order only one product has presented a problem, Pachamama will not refund the delivery costs.

Alternative dispute resolution

In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may resort to the following alternative dispute resolution body:

Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centre

Tel.: 218807030

E-mail: /

In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer can use the European online dispute resolution platform available at:

For updates and more information on alternative resolution of registered consumer disputes, please consult the Consumer Portal at: