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11) Inaccuracies

The information on this website may contain technical and/or printing inaccuracies. We thank you for your understanding and we ask you to, whenever possible, send a message to info@derradeirossabores.pt detailing any inaccuracies you may encounter. .

12) Notices, modifications and cancellation of services

Pachamama can provide notices to users via e-mail, regular mail or through its website. Pachamama reserves the right to change these terms at any time by posting the changes on the website, as well as to modify, suspend or terminate any services at any time.

13) Privacy Policy and Cookies

Pachamama makes available in its Privacy Policy and Cookies the rules that regulate the communication with customers and that must be consulted and accepted if you wish to receive commercial and communications and information regarding its online shop.

Upon your consent, Pachamama may send you commercial communications, newsletters, news on events and offers, discounts or benefits, generic or targeted, via SMS and/or e-mail. At any given time, the customer may withdraw his consent to receive these communications, either in his personal account settings or in each communication received.

14) Intellectual property rights

All contents presented on Pachamama’s website, namely images and text, is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or distributed to third parties. Pachamama reserves the right to change these contents without prior notice.

14) Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are collected by a third party. In this way, Pachamama – Organic Bakery does not have control over the opinions of our customers and cannot change them. The customer’s evaluation is conducted on a follow-up e-mail after the purchase is concluded. If you choose to give your opinion in relation to a product via this email, the comment will be stored at https://www.cusrev.com/reviews/www.pachamama.pt and www.cusrev.com will act as the data processor. This ensures that your evaluation is not changed by Pachamama. For more information on the terms and conditions of this service, please go to: